'Recommend a Friend' T&Cs

You'll definitely receive 20 OFF your next renewal if you recommend a friend or family member to us but there are some minor conditions to the offer:

1. 'Recommend a Friend' discounts are ONLY redeemable against the renewal of existing policies with us, NOT new policies.

2. Accumulated or multiple discounts can only be redeemed up to the value of 100% of your renewal premium. If the value of the total discount due is greater than your renewal premium we'll just hold the excess over to the next year's renewal or you can use it against the renewal of any other policy you have with us at the time.

3. 'Recommend a Friend' discounts are redeemable against the renewal of existing car, home and breakdown policies but NOT against any travel policy.

4. 'Recommend a Friend' discounts are not to be used in conjunction with any other discount offer.

5. Unused credits expire if you leave us. There is no cash value or transfer value.

That's it! Simply get your friends and family to call us free on 0800 917 2274 quoting CODE 480 plus you client reference (in the format KNCX01).


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